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Inexpensive and Affordable GPS Devices Technology Spotlight


Inexpensive and affordable GPS is in ground-breaking new terrain with its low prices and wide availability. To help you know what is out there right now and really hot for GPS deals and GPS accessories, we have provided pictures and information about some popular units by Garvin and TomTom. Many of these are being bought by your friends and neighbors as gifts. With the average cost of a inexpensive GPS unit being less than $100, it really is affordable technology.

Things to Consider When Buying GPS Devices

GPS devices aren't limited to just car navigation. There are many inexpensive and affordable GPS devices that are made for the purpose of personal and recreational use. For example, GPS watches for runners and joggers, GPS fish-finding systems for fisherman, and more. If you think that GPS navigation may be available for a unique purpose, today it probably is. When buying a car GPS, one important thing to consider is whether the device provides free updates to maps or if they must be paid for. Depending on the manufacturer, one or more map updates may be free. You should consider this when figuring out which one to buy.

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GPS is Now Inexpensive and Affordable

Quite frankly, GPS expands our world by making more of it more accessible. Find a great restaurant and get there like you go there all the time. Navigate the packed nightlife of the city without worrying about getting lost in the dark. Drive there like you live there.

GPS Highlights

Today's GPS devices are truly some of the coolest electronic devices that you can buy.  Here are some great common features of GPS devices:

  • Illuminated LCD display

  • Clear sound with hook-up capability to car audio system

  • Touch-screen display option within product line

  • Simple to use

  • Wireless connectivity and services

  • Get where you need to go, efficiently, and without worry

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GPS Information and Articles

Please refer to the following articles and general information to learn more about applications and usages of GPS, and other information.

Cheap GPS In Position For Big Sales This Holiday Season

GPS is like a fish out water this holiday season, poised for giant sales across the globe. Companies like Garmin, Tom Tom, and even the golf-product manufacturer of SureShot, a global positioner for golf players, will all share in the big demand market of this 2007 holiday season.

Whether you are buying GPS units for friends and family members, or hoping to get one yourself, you or your giftees are all part of the growing market that is global positioning systems. It is a market that has been around for a good number of years, but cost has not been in line with consumer spending capabilities to make it main stream. This year that has changed, with models starting at a low of $100, global positioning systems are accessible to most.

Online retailers like Amazon are ready to take massive numbers of orders for the online portion of the buyer set. This is largely due to Amazon's trust in the marketplace. People know Amazon. Almost everyone who uses the internet has bought something from Amazon. It's the most trusted online retailer, and its sales figures of more than $6 billion last year once again sets the bar a bit higher for all other online retailers. Their numbers are now safely approaching double-digit billions of dollar.

The Amazon GPS Store will benefit from this market because of the average cost for a unit. Users spending a large amount of money on the internet are more concerned with safety. When the average cost for a product is $400, consumers are naturally going to turn to the most trusted online retailer for purchases like these. Even cost savings seen at other "small-chain" online retailers will be left unclaimed. Consumers this year have less money to spend, but want more out of their purchases. They have even less time to save $20 and experience a $380 fraud.

Choices are abound in this market of GPS products, applications, and retailers. Companies like Garmin, TomTom, and Mio lead the way in this sector, but Navigon, and the manufacturer of SureShot add to second and third tiers of what is becoming a mountain of choices. So, not only you can get there, and get there in style, but now you can get there on time, too. Just don't forget to get one [GPS] before they run out! You should probably head to Amazon right now. Good thing it's easy to find.

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Reasonable GPS Bargains Abound in Recession Economy

Just when you thought GPS prices couldn't get any cheaper, along came the recession that is gripping most of the world. GPS sales have gone down, but with them prices as well. In the bear market of this economy, getting a great GPS unit for a reasonable price has never been more likely. Bargains abound. You should see what is around!

If you are a current GPS owner, now is a great time to upgrade from your previous unit. Depending on how long ago you bought your original GPS, you can probably get a new, better unit for the bargain price of one hundred dollars. In some cases even less. Now that is reasonable. If you are new to the world of GPS and are looking into getting your first GPS, now is a great time to pick up an ultra affordable device. Retailers are slashing prices for the purpose of keeping their sales, and in result profits, in line with investor expectations.

The inclusion of touch screen interfaces to nearly all contemporary GPS devices is a feature that is pulling in users who are upgrading, as well as those who are buying their first GPS device. The idea that you can buy any touch-screen-enabled device starting at one hundred dollars seems a bit absurd, but it is true. If you are new to the world of GPS, you will wonder how you lived without it. A couple taps on the screen and off you go to your destination. Also, you can't get lost. Even reasonable, bargain GPS devices continuously recreate your route if you go off course.

If you are thinking of upgrading your GPS device, or buying one for the first time, now is a great time. Prices are about as low as they are ever going to get. We are now in the age of the GPS revolution. Thanks to the internet revolution, you can find the best bargain GPS units at reasonable prices online. That is where you will find the lowest prices and best selection. Click here to see some reasonable GPS bargains that I like.

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Budget GPS Prices Are Everywhere in the Online World

These days, budget GPS prices are just about everywhere in the online world. Whether you are searching through a popular search engine, or browsing an online retailer, it isn't hard to find great prices on GPS when you have a budget to spend of around one hundred dollars. Thrifty shoppers looking to save money on top-of-the-line GPS also head online to make their purchase.

It really is amazing what one hundred dollars or less can get for you these days when you think of how expensive GPS used to be. Years ago, a GPS device cost around one thousand dollars or more, and each month you had to pay a subscription fee to get access to the satellites. These days, the prices and contracts of the past are almost inconceivable. Some day you will tell your kids what GPS used to be like, and they will look at you like you are making something up.

When buying GPS on a budget, going online to make your purchase is your best bet. Going with a trusted online retailer is also an important decision since you don't hand a salesperson the money and walk out of a store with your purchase. You just have to wait a couple days to get it. So, buying anything online through an unknown retailer is not the best idea. Since the best budget GPS prices are online, and at the major online retailers, it is a no brainer. You deserve the best budget price on your next GPS, and it really is just a few clicks away.

When you are looking for the absolute best price, the largest online retailers that connect the shopper to the most smaller retailers and outlet stores means the biggest savings for you. The big names in online retail hold those rankings for a reason. Time and time again they save their customers the most money and have the biggest selection. Window shopping and browsing has never been more fun, nor more convenient when you do so online. Put your feet up and click here to start your search for the best budget GPS prices.

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Bargain GPS is Best Found Online Due to Sales and Refurbished Units

When it comes to buying a bargain GPS device for the lowest price, going online is your best choice. Not only can you save a lot of time and see many more options and prices, but the ability to buy refurbished GPS devices gives you the ability to get a GPS device for even more of a bargain. In most cases, a refurbished GPS device is as good as new.

Whether you are looking for a refurbished GPS device or a laptop computer, companies who sell "made new" items do so with the purpose of making the device as good as new again. They would lose lots of money if returns of refurbished units were common, so making customers happy with these units is their goal. In the realm of GPS, buying a refurbished GPS device is the best way to get a bargain on a more expensive GPS unit that had a small factory flaw that wasn't recognized before it was originally shipped to a retailer. Because a manufacturer cannot mark the fixed item as new, you save on the cost of a "made new" item.

When at a brick-and-mortar store, unless it is a manufacturer outlet (e.g. Garmin), the closest you will come to refurbished GPS devices are those that are opened box deals. These ones allow a savings as well, but it's just not the same. Buying your bargain GPS online gives you all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages. As long as you understand a few key things. First, going through a trusted online retailer is the only way to go. You know the big names, and they are at the top of the list for a reason. For years they have been giving customers the lowest prices and the best customer service. That is the heart of the online retail world. It's this way because customers can find the best deal. If you want to sell online, you had better be the one with the best deal and the best history of customer happiness.

The selection of bargain GPS devices at the major online retailers is the second key thing you should take away from this article. A larger selection of manufacturers, devices, and smaller retailers affords you the ability to get the very best price. When the online retailer is more like an interconnected online mall, competition for your purchase means that you will find the lowest price. Whether you want to buy "made new" or brand new, going online for GPS bargains is the recommended way to shop. Window shopping has never been more fun or convenient. Ready to get started? Click here to start your search for bargain GPS devices.

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Reduced Prices For Car GPS Results With Many Happier Drivers

With the reduced prices for car GPS, there are more drivers than ever on the road with a GPS device in their car. This means that less drivers are getting lost. As we all know the frustration of being lost on our way to somewhere important, being a lost driver is not a happy experience. With less lost drivers, the roads these days are seemingly a happier place.

Maybe it's just me, but I have seen a lot less road-raged drivers this past year. Is there a correlation between the ever-increasing number of car GPS owners and the reduction in angry drivers? I think there is. With the ability for consumers to get a car GPS online for the reduced price of less than one hundred dollars, more drivers are a lot happier. There is not much worse than being late and lost. That is a formula for angry driving. What's especially bad is getting stuck behind a slowpoke on the road when you are trying to get back on course.

What makes formerly angry drivers even happier is saving a lot of money by buying their first GPS device online at one of the major retailers. The major online retailers provide the best overall savings and the most competition for your purchase. The selection they have far exceeds any brick-and-mortar store you can visit. Because of the technology you can use when shopping online, finding the best reduced price for the precise car GPS device you want to buy is quite simple. A lot of the best online retailers let you search and then sort results to find the lowest price.

Prices at online retailers are less, and selections greater, because they do not have to pay the overhead of having a storefront. This is why the major online retailers can do billions in sales each year. They have repeat customers because all the advantages go to the buyers. Customers keep coming back. The seller benefits from increased purchases, although they are at a lesser profit for each purchase. Getting a great deal on a car GPS has never been easier or more efficient than it is right now. When shopping online, window shopping has never been more fun. Are you ready? Where you are an angry driver, or just need to upgrade, click here to start shopping for reduced-price GPS.

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Economical GPS Prices Mean That More Users Are Upgrading

GPS prices are so economical these days that many GPS users are not waiting long to upgrade to new car GPS devices. Instead of using the same GPS device for five years, or for many more, a lot of GPS users now keep their current GPS device for just a couple years, and sometimes less than that before upgrading to a new unit. This is the natural result of today's super-economical GPS prices.

Much like cellular phones, car GPS is quickly becoming one of those personal devices that gets upgraded every couple years. The reason for this is the economical pricing of good GPS devices. When an owner of an older GPS device can get a new model for less than the price of the previous one, and often times for much less than two hundred dollars, upgrading to a new unit is a common thing. A lot of times they will sell the older unit to a friend or just keep it around as a backup.

If you bought your first car GPS a few years ago or longer, you will be surprised to see the features that are included as standards in today's models. Take a ride with one of your friends with a newer GPS device and it will quickly become apparent that the quality and features of GPS devices are continuously increasing. Upgrading to your own newer GPS model becomes more a question of "when" rather than "why."

What amazes many of the very early adopters of GPS is the fact that all modern GPS devices are now touch-screen enabled. A couple taps on the screen and off you go to your destination. The idea of getting any touch-screen-enabled device for around one hundred dollars is quite amazing--and that's whether you were an early adopter of GPS or you just bought a new GPS model yesterday.

More than ever, right now is a great time to get your next GPS device. In order to get the most economical prices, though, it is important to shop online through one of the major retailers. There are many great reasons to do so, but the most important are that of price, selection, and retailer confidence. The major online retailers are held in such esteem for good reason. Time and time again, consumers turn to them to make their purchase. With the internet, window shopping has never been more fun or efficient. Are you ready? Click here to start shopping for your next economical GPS device.

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Low Cost GPS Makes the Decision to Upgrade an Easy One

With GPS prices being at an all-time low cost, the decision to upgrade your own GPS has never been easier. These days, the cost of a new GPS device starts at just under one hundred dollars. Depending on how long ago you bought your previous car GPS, the amount of standard features in the new, less expensive unit may far exceed that which is in your current GPS device.

As more users buy their first GPS device or upgrade from that first or second device to their latest GPS, the demand for car GPS continues to increase. With each generation of new GPS devices from the major manufacturers, new features become standard on almost all units. Looking back just five years, the idea that all car GPS devices would be touch-screen enabled in the near future is something that was not easy to predict. These days, though, that is the case. A couple taps on the screen and off you go to your destination.

In addition to low-cost GPS devices with touch-screen displays, other features in many of today's models are things like voice activation, and better trip planning features. Visual display and spoken feedback, by the computer, are always improving. What's even more fascinating about GPS is that it is so inexpensive now. If you bought your last GPS device just five years ago, you probably spent close to one thousand dollars. Today, you can get a far better GPS device for just over one hundred dollars. It is more than worth taking a look.

Like cellular phones, GPS devices are now personal tech that consumers upgrade every couple of years or sooner. If you haven't upgraded your car GPS device in a while, now is a great time to do so. In fact, it has never been better. When buying that first or next GPS device, it's important to get the best deal for your purchase, and have the option of buying from the most manufacturers. Online shopping through major internet retailers is the recommendation for buying car GPS and most small electronics.

When shopping through the major online retailers for low cost car GPS, you save the most because you do not have to help pay for the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store. You also get the greatest selection and the most competition for your purchase. With the help of technology, it is easy to find the absolute best price on the low cost car GPS device you want to buy. With the internet, shopping has never been more fun or efficient. Ready to get started? Click here to start shopping for your next low cost GPS.

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Low Price GPS Results With High Customer Satisfaction

With the average low price of a car GPS device being around one hundred dollars, the world is becoming filled with happy GPS consumers. Whoever thought that you could get a constant "director of driving" for less than two hundred dollars? Just half a decade ago, owning a car GPS meant that you had to spend around one thousand dollars and pay each month for the satellite service. Times have changed a whole lot!

These days car GPS is so inexpensive that it is being classified by users and consumers as personal tech. That means it is something that users upgrade every couple of years. Much like a cellular phone, but even better because there is no contract. With the huge drop in prices and average cost of today's low price GPS devices, upgrading to a new unit every couple of years, or every year, does make sense.

For the early adopters of GPS, upgrading to a modern car GPS device is quite an amazing experience. Depending on how old your GPS device is, the comparison between it and the much less expensive units of today are a stark reminder of how fast technology moves forward. These days, even GPS devices at the bottom of the price list come with big features. Touch screen entry is one feature that all car GPS devices have these days. A couple taps and off you go to your destination.

As you go from low-end to high-end, the features continue to pile up. Voice-activation is a common feature of mid to high-end GPS devices, but you can also find this feature in some low-price car GPS devices. Whether you are buying your first GPS device or upgrading to your second, third, or maybe even fourth unit, now is a great time to do so. In order to save as much as possible on your purchase, find the best selection, and the best random deals, shopping online through a major internet retailer is the recommended approach.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, internet retailers can pass along their savings to you. They have routinely done this since the inception of the "consumer" internet, and are always looking at ways to make more sales by reducing prices even further. The biggest online retailers have that most yearly sales for good reason. Choosing to shop through them will help you to get the best price on your next GPS device. With the internet, shopping has never been so much fun. Ready to get started? Sit back, and click here to start shopping for low price GPS.

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Inexpensive GPS Options - Give the Gift of Getting There On Time

So your significant other won't ask for directions, but following them is not a problem. This year give the gift of getting there on time. With low prices, even the most stubborn drivers can now keep from getting lost in 2008--all without asking for directions. What a compromise.

We all know the feeling of getting lost. Sometimes it happens in a small town, other times in a big city. For some reason, getting lost and then finding directions don't seem to go together. If we can't find our destination, we probably can't find good directions either. Getting back on track should be easier, and now it really is with the array of personal GPS solutions available in our current market. By far, Amazon has the best listing of deals, and the largest selection at their Amazon GPS Store.

With big savings on brands like Garmin and Tom Tom, many gift givers are going to go to Amazon for their purchase. If you're not convinced that this year is the "year of personal GPS," make a note to see how often someone tells you that they got lost. Honestly, I can't remember the last time someone I know got lost on a trip. It's not to say all have GPS, but you probably know more than a couple people who really love their device.

The primary reason GPS is selling out right now is because of the price reduction. What once costed over a thousand dollars now retails for nearly half that. The personal computer made these big tickets items a possibility for holiday giving. After people started buying computers as gifts, the "don't spend more than" rule started to evolve. These days a lot of kids get a new computer/laptop and a digital camera or camcorder for the holidays. So, Mom spending $400 on Dad's new GPS isn't so bad when you compare the price of what everyone else is getting.

This year, give the gift of getting on time to someone you love. Who knows, they'll probably be so happy with the gift that they'll even offer you free rides to far away locations, just so you can see their new time-saver in action. If you need another reason, GPS helps to avoid accidents by keeping your eyes on the road. No more fumbling around for maps or trying to read street signs in the dark. GPS isn't better for just the user, it's really better for everyone on the road. Click here to see some inexpensive GPS options.

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Drive and Dine Better with GPS Deals and Culinary Delights

You don't have to be a newspaper's restaurant reviewer to have tried the cuisine of most restaurants within your area. With more and more culinary cravers equipped with GPS in their own car or that of a dining partner's, getting to any great restaurant tucked away into an obscure, neighborhood location has become very easy.

When it comes to delicious food, the more the better. Whether having a ready range of restaurants and menus of a single style, or a smorgasbord of restaurants of nearly every style in your dining repetoire, finding the best meal or the best deal are two of every diner's delights. With a GPS device, really, your guide to the within-commutable world, getting to the restaurant or eatery of the moment is so simple.

After you get used to having our own GPS and have used it for a couple years, you really find that the several-or-so restaurants that you used to go to all the time become part of a much larger selection of great restaurants. Some people try a new restaurant each week, and have more fun doing so more often, and even more so, when including taverns and other spirit houses.

When on vacation and exploring a new location, finding the best hidden gems for your dining delight is a great way to have an even better time when on holiday. Whether or not you research all of your destinations before or during your trip, you can easily find the diamonds in the rough, or plan in a list of places to dine while away. If you love restaurants and don't have GPS, this is something to seriously reconsider. Click here to see some popular GPS devices.

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Save Gas, Save Money by Driving More Efficiently with GPS

Whether the current cost of gasoline is affordable or astronomical, providing yourself or someone you love the assistance of a car GPS unit helps in many ways. Especially as both a wantonly punctual driver and consumer of motor fuel, the cost of which fluctuates quite regularly into very expensive. Our driving habits can help offset this cost.

Even for motorists who are filling up their tanks just weekly, adding a GPS device to even common commutes can show most efficient routes. Those that can save a great deal of gas because they are driven most days. A couple miles can really add up over the course of a work week. With any route that focuses more on town or city roads instead of highways, the small loss of engine efficiency should be considered, too. Especially for trips over eighty miles.

When buying a car GPS, it is important to look for ease-of-use features like touch screen display and voice activation. These common, but not universal, features provide an overall better experience. A large number of GPS owners who have been using car GPS for several years are repurchasing their GPS device or upgrading their GPS experience with new devices from companies like Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, Mio, and SureShot (a golf GPS device!).

For travelers who travel a lot or go to new locations often, using the most fuel-efficient route over a year can balance out the cost of a new car GPS device. A lot of the popular units go for between $200 and $500. And, if you want the overall best experience, you can get top-of-the-line for a mere starting price of around $600. With one of these you can be the envy of all your friends that have car GPS, too. Click here to see some great car GPS devices available now.

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GPS Deals a Green Hand to the Environment

Did you know that getting a GPS device is another way to go green and help the environment? If you already have a GPS, pat yourself on the back, because your car is less cluttered with the wasted trees of printed directions. As you know, most online map services serve up lots of printed ads along with the directions, so what often times should be one page of printed directions usually ends up as two or three.

Apply some simple math, and the environmental waste quickly compounds based on the above factor of ad-intensive print outs, and the number of steps it takes to get from your starting point to the destination. With the high cost of petroleum these days, taking the shortest route is a common practice, and one that reduces or completely limits the amount of highways included in your directions. This means lots of backroads, and turn after turn. Each left, right, or "follow" is an additional printed line of output. You're saving gas, but 50 miles of shortest-distance directions might take more than five pages to print.

Sure, there are ways to get around printing long sets of directions. A common way is to print multiple pages on one sheet, but that really isn't the safest practice. Squinting to read your printed directions while on a dimly-lit back road is a recipe for disaster.

The simple fact is that GPS is extremely affordable. Much like the paperless offices of today, we are now entering the world of a paperless car. With less paper and printing, we are helping the environment by not using a medium that is too often crumpled up and thrown away. Even the best and most often used directions end up getting coffee spilled on them, but a GPS device, well-positioned on your dashboard won't have that problem. If it ever does, just wipe it off. To help save the environment one less sheet of paper at a time, check out some Great GPS Devices. Whether you are looking to buy your first GPS, or thinking about upgrading, it is worth your time.

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For GPS Savings and Deals Look No Further Than the Web

If you don't have a GPS device yet, or you just need an upgrade, look no further than the internet for the best deals on top-of-the-line, new devices. Although a lot of the brick and mortar stores will have substantial savings as well, this is often for in-stock items that they are physically trying to remove from their storefront. It's not to say that you can't find a better deal at your local electronics store, but for the largest selection of the best, newest, and boldest GPS devices, the web is the place for you.

A personal GPS for your car is that device that you never knew you were missing so badly until you got one. These days, most people know what they're missing, but even so, once you get your own, it gives you one of those big ah-ha moments anyway. Using the internet as your shopping mall for a GPS gives you the ability to find exactly the unit you want, and for the best price. To make things even more convenient, the big-name online stores have some of the biggest sets of GPS offerings and deals. So, going to some unknown corner of the net to find the best deal is certainly not a requirement.

A lot of internet stores even offer free shipping for items like GPS devices because they meet a minimum price criteria. Even better, they will get it to you in just a couple days. One thing to watch out for when shopping online for GPS is the massive selection. The good online retailers make it easy to pair down giant listings of devices into more navigable groupings, but others just show page after page. If you like to pick from a total of 5 or less GPS devices, shopping online for one is probably not for you. If you are ready to get started, click here to see some Great Personal GPS Devices

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Tag Sale the GPS Way This Summer

Remember when you were a kid? Tag sale-ing with your parents on a weekend, summer morning? Think back... It was a beautiful day, the morning sunlight peaking through the tree tops. You were all out early that morning trying to hit each tag sale first. And, hopefully sooner than most others who would have the same plans for that day.

Dad was probably driving. One hand gripped the steering wheel while the other held a cup of fresh coffee. Whichever parent was in the front passenger seat held the golden ticket to the day's neighborhood bazaars--the morning paper's listing of tag sales. Even earlier that morning Mom and Dad had gone through the listing, circling the each tag sale of interest. Now, there were twenty circled. Each knew where half of the ones they circled were, and hoped that the other parent knew where the others were.

Back then, going to tag sales, and going to the tag sales you had planned to usually ended up being two different things. While trying to get to the next planned destination, you'd pass two or three tag sales that weren't on your itinerary. After not finding the "next one," you'd circle back and see what was at those "other ones." Today, with a GPS in your car, going to only the tag sales of real interest is now easier than ever. You can even plan your route for the day and not have to bring a hardcopy list of stops. With a GPS accompanying you on your summer-morning shopping excursions through your local neighborhoods, tag-sale-ing is as fun as it was always supposed to be.

What a great way to teach children to spend their hard-earned money wisely, as well. Like a lot of young musicians, many get their first guitar or trumpet at a tag sale. The ads in the classifieds that list "musical instruments" for whatever reason always seem to be the hardest to find. Don't end the day with sad faces that show the disappointment of what could have been for $5. Have more chances to come home with prized possessions. Maybe they will stay in your family forever. Maybe they will end up in your front yard years down the road. There is still time this summer, so don't wait 'til next. Click here to see Amazing GPS Devices that will benefit all of your travels.

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Affordable GPS Options For Every Budget

Now that GPS is affordable for nearly every consumer, the number of GPS units a family might have is no longer limited to a single device. In the old days of thousand dollars GPS systems and monthly contracts, maybe just a couple people on a street had a GPS device. These days, almost every person with a car has one. Society is now moving into a space of multiple devices in a single household.

Dad has a GPS device for his car and one that he uses while on the links of the local golf course. If you haven't heard of them, you can use them to keep track of your golf balls. Mom has a GPS device for her car. There is also another one in the trunk that she bought for their daughter who is away at college. It's going to be a birthday present. Hopefully she doesn't have one already, though.

These days, GPS is so affordable that having multiple units in a single household is more common than not. Something that is even more common is the rush to upgrade to better GPS units. Some people have a GPS device for a year and then sell it to friend after buying the next version or offering of their favorite manufacturer of affordable GPS devices. Each year better GPS units with even better features hit the market. Upgrading to a better GPS device is sort of like getting that new cell phone every so many years. That is the interesting thing about technology. The more you can pack into a common device, the more common it is to upgrade it.

Whatever affordable GPS device you are planning to research or buy, the best GPS options are truly online through major retailers. It's a matter of both price and selection. Brick and mortar stores really can't keep up with what is available. In my opinion, here are some of the best affordable GPS options.

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