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Pflugerville Alt-Right Facebook Page Has Nearly 140,000 Followers

But that doesn't mean all or any of them actually live in Pflugerville, TX.

Facebook Page Showing Pflugerville, TX Location and Followers

3/23/18 J.D. Lakota (Boston, MA)

The world has learned that Pflugerville, TX was the home town of the Austin bomber. His final act of terrorism was that of a suicide bomber, blowing himself up as police officers approached his vehicle.

The last time Pflugerville was in the international news, it was due to a hate crime. In 2015, one or more people vandalized a mosque in town. It was one of a dozen mosques across the country damaged by extremists directly after the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris. Three years later, and those responsible still haven’t been identified.

As the media reported yesterday, the Austin bomber (who I intentionally do not name in this article) had discovered a penchant for writing in a college course. The six articles with known attribution to the terrorist were somewhat similar in content to many of the alt-right articles pushed out daily from an almost incalculable number of websites and social media pages.

Interestingly, one of the many Facebook pages like this is based out of Pflugerville, TX. The page is called Right Daily (@rightdaily) and it has nearly 140,000 followers. Right Daily describes itself in this way: “We're here to take a stand against the LYIN' media. Follow us for the real, conservative truth that you'll NEVER see on TV.”

A Recent Right Daily Facebook Page Share

Looking back through posts and shares by the page, the primary website they link to for content is WesternTribune.com. This makes sense because Right Daily lists this site as the website address for the Right Daily Facebook page.

As far as I can tell, the lead and only writer for WesternTribune.com is a single author. After researching the name of the author, I was able to find no record of the person existing in Pflugerville, TX. This leads me to believe that it could be the pen name for an unnamed individual, with the derogatory alias being created for the purpose of media strength and branding in the realm of “know your customer.”

The website itself is no help, as a who-is check of WesternTribune.com comes back with "WhoisGuard Protected." This means ownership is intentionally hidden through a private-by-proxy arrangement with WhoisGuard, Inc.

Owner of WesternTribune.com is Intentionally Hidden

As it turns out, Right Daily hasn't posted anything to their page since Monday. They had seemingly gone dark all of the sudden. After a couple days with no luck of trying to contact Right Daily on Facebook to find out who they were, I was starting to get the impression that there really was no one there anymore.

After a long 24 hours, they sent me a real reply. That's when this story changed. For one, Right Daily confirmed that they were indeed located in Pflugerville, TX.

For my next question, whoever was chatting with me in messenger as a representative of the page explained that the lack of updates was from access issues to the page that were being experienced by just the administrators. The representative wrote that it had been a problem for almost six months. They also wrote that editors could post, though.

This answer led me to my final question. Now that I had someone from Right Daily answering questions, I asked them to confirm that their page had no relation to the Austin bomber. Given the location and lack of recent updates, I had been starting to get an impression. They said no.

In the words of the unnamed representative, "There is no relationship with him with us."

extra innings; man cave chronicles