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FBI Now Investigating in Austin, the City of the Robert Mueller Airport

Robert Mueller Airport Tower That Still Stands in Austin, TX

3/13/18 J.D. Lakota (Boston, MA)

Did you know the name Robert Mueller is associated with the town of Austin, TX? There is even a 50 foot tall monument to the name that some would see everyday in the course of their commute to and from work. As recently as February 26th, 2018, KXAN in Austin reported that the tower would receive the historic landmark designation. The tower sits near the center of Mueller Austin: a mixed-use urban village.

Sadly, the Texas capitol is the location where the FBI and other authorities are feverishly investigating package bombs left at the doorsteps of prominent minority community members. Three people have been killed or wounded as of this time. The terrorized residents fear that the bomber will strike again.

Although Robert Mueller of Austin, and the former FBI Director heading the investigation into Russian collusion have he same name, the only relation the two men share is in their German heritage. Even so, some might consider it an interesting coincidence given the timing and up-tick in intensity for the FBI's collusion investigation.

The following map shows all bomb sites and other points of interest in the area. As the legend explain, each of the community sites is listed because it is firmly or loosely linked to one of the victims.

Timeline of Events and Points of Interest

With the state of Texas having the third largest number of hate groups in the nation, which runs the gamut of groups, its capitol Austin is home to several large organizations whose views are generally categorized as white nationalist. (courtesy of Southern Poverty Law Center.)

Since the incident in Charlottesville, Austin has been one of many cities to begin removing confederate monuments. In the same vein, Austin approved the renaming of five schools by a split vote on February 26th, as reported by FOX 7. On March 2nd, four days after the vote, the first bomb went off.

The Robert Mueller Airport Sign That Once Stood in Austin, TX

If this is the work of a lone wolf, a profiler might paint the silhouette of a person who slowly became radicalized over time. Driving past the Mueller airport tower each day to and from work would be a daily reminder of the growing imperfection of the sitting president. Watching Confederate monuments be removed from a city they grew up in must have hurt tremendously to them. Most recently, learning that schools named after Confederate officers would soon be renamed only added to the dissatisfaction of this lone wolf. With the influence of the many hate groups in the area, all of this together could have become the toxic mix that produced the devastating results of late.

Whoever is responsible for the terrorism and murder happening in Austin, all good people hope the authorities will bring the killer or killers to justice as soon as possible. The Texas Governor is now offering a $15,000 award for information leading to an arrest. To report a tip, call the Texas Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477) as reported by KSAT 12 & KSAT.com.

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