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AggregateIQ's First Goal Was Always 'Audience Persuasion,' Until A Few Weeks Ago

From once touting Brexit's success to now denying any possible association with Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group, the company has made recent, noteworthy changes to its website and branding.

AggregateIQ Logo From 2013

4/7/18 J.D. Lakota (Boston, MA)

AggregateIQ Data Services Ltd. is the latest "audience intelligence" company recognized in the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data-breach scandal. As reported by multiple news agencies starting yesterday, Facebook suspended this third data firm due to possible affiliation with SCL Group, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica. Facebook had suspended the other two companies on March 16th, roughly three weeks earlier.

From its beginning and through most of last month, AggregateIQ's website touted "Audience Persuasion" as the first customer goal listed on their front page. Of the ten goals they list today, just one differs from what they previously showed throughout the captured history of their web presence, which serves as their primary branding vehicle. The other nine goals did not change.

Last Recorded Instance of "Audience Persuasion" was on March 20th, 2018

The above record is courtesy of the Wayback Machine, a tool provided by Internet Archive, a non-profit organization in operation since 1996 that has been autonomously gathering snapshots of webpages across the globe to provide a record of the internet over time.

Two days later, this archival service had captured its first instance of "Audience Outreach" replacing "Audience Persuasion" on the website. Two very different things. The first involves connecting; the second pulling.

AggregateIQ's Web Presence Instead Showing "Outreach" on April 7th, 2018
audience persuasion

From Touting Brexit Success to Denying Any Possible Association With Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group

The next noteworthy change applied to the website between March 20th and 22nd was removal of an endorsement for AggregateIQ made by Dominic Cummings, Campaign Director for Vote Leave. The Vote Leave group was instrumental in the success of Brexit, the unexpected political result of Great Britain during 2016:

“Without a doubt, the Vote Leave campaign owes a great deal of its success to the work of AggregateIQ. We couldn't have done it without them.”

Like the first customer goal of audience persuasion, this endorsement also
showed throughout the captured history of their web presence, making the success of persuading Brexit a huge part of the company's brand, previously.

Near the same time the endorsement was removed (the only one on the website) the company made another significant modification, adding a statement to the page that included the following excerpts:
  • "AggregateIQ has never been and is not a part of Cambridge Analytica or SCL."
  • "Aggregate IQ has never entered into a contract with Cambridge Analytica."
  • "AggregateIQ works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where it operates. It has never knowingly been involved in any illegal activity."
  • "AggregateIQ has never managed, nor did we ever have access to, any Facebook data or database allegedly obtained improperly by Cambridge Analytica."

If you add the total effort of their website modifications to the timeline of events between mid-March and today, it goes under March 21st based on available records. To give you an idea of when March 21st fits into the timeline, among other things, one day prior, Alexander Nix was suspended as CEO of Cambridge Analytica.

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