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We spend a lot of time on the couch. Why not use five or ten minutes of that time to build bigger biceps and triceps, and larger forearm, upper-back, and shoulder muscles? Active rest on the couch is a great way to balance both the demands of life and relaxation. Use these small pieces of portable exercise equipment with a focus on time-under-tension, not reps. Aim for five seconds, 10 seconds, eventually thirty seconds at a time. Exercise, but do not strain.

Rotation Trainers

Want your biceps to "pop"? Wrist rotation both strengthens the forearms and builds biceps and triceps peak. This device is commonly refered to as a forearm trainer, but it actually works the biceps and triceps just as much, if not more. Hold the device with both hands and rotate the handles inward or outward depending on its orientation. Turn to an amount of resistance you can maintain, and then hold that position for at least several seconds. In this five to ten minute workout, recouperate by switching between working the biceps and triceps. Turn the handles outward (up) to work the biceps. Turn the handles inward (down) to work the triceps.

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Grip Trainers

Get a better grip on life. Did you know that grip strength is linked to longevity, meaning that those with stronger grip strength tend to live longer? Squeeze a grip trainer in your hand but do not try to close it fully until you are strong enough to do easily. The goal here is a five to ten minute workout where you work each hand individually and switch between them to recouperate.

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Opposition Trainers

Are you after the "v" taper? Work the shoulders and upper back by using your arms in opposition to each other. Although this piece of exercise equipment is called a chest expander, its major usefulness is in working the shoulders and back. To work your upper back, hold the device overhead with your palms facing inward, and pull outward to create sustainable tension. To work your side deltoid muscles, hold the device near parallel to your legs. For the rear deltoid muscles, hold the opposition trainer in front of you by extending your arms outward.

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Portable Peddlers

You can also work your lower body while sitting on the couch. These portable peddlers can be used while sitting in a chair. Some folks keep them under their desk at work to get a couple rounds of peddling in as time allows. Put the device on the top of a coffee table, or place it in your lap, and now you can work your arms, too.

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