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The Best Web Portal to the Popular Internet!

You have arrived at, the best web portal to hundreds of the most popular and best web sites on the internet today! Your entrance to the best the web has to offer!

ifoyer gives you free, two-click, mostly ad-free access to hundreds of the most commonly-used web sites on the internet. Save time and energy. Spend less time getting theremore time being there through the simple and elegant internet web site portal that is ifoyer. It is made for you and everyone you know!

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Our Best of the Web Portal

  • Always just one or two clicks to get to the best of the internet today

  • Google search at the top of every page of our web portal

  • ifoyer already displays a lot of the web sites you are currently trying to find

  • Mostly advertisement free

  • ifoyer is a free web portal

  • All web sites are alphabetized and easy to find

  • Kid-friendly and kid-safe display of common web sites

  • Web sites are arranged into 8 pages that represent the common groupings of web categories

  • We listen and respond to our users' suggestions about what they want in a web portal

  • The Internet is much more than just one great web site

Web Portal Categories - Start/Common Web Sites

The start page of the web portal lists the most popular, common web sites, and focuses most on daily use and popular gathering web sites and web portals like Yahoo and AOL. Also, links to sites like Mapquest and are found here. If you were going to do just one thing having turned on your computer, the goal of this page is to provide links to these web sites.

Web Portal Categories - Family Web Sites and Genealogy Web Sites

The family page of the web portal lists both common parenting and genealogy web sites. Family roots and the start of families. Our listing of family web sites, like all other lists, is handpicked based on current popularity. If you know of a great family web site that is not listed, please let us know.

Web Portal Categories - Fun Web Sites and Games Web Sites

The fun page of the web portal lists links to both common, general fun web sites and gaming web sites. Our listing of gaming web sites includes Pogo and Gamespot. You will also find blogging web sites here, and NetFlix. You can use Google search to locate even more fun and games web sites. Let us know what you would like to see added to this page.

Web Portal Categories - Health Web Sites and Fitness Web Sites

The health page of the web portal lists links to both common, general health and fitness web sites. Like all web sites on the web portal, the sites are only the most popular and widely used on the internet. On this portal page you will find web sites like eDiets, Shape, Men'sHealth, and WebMDHealth, just to name a few. We are actively adding more web sites to this page, so please let us know what sites you think should be added.

Web Portal Categories - News Web Sites and Current Events Web Sites

The news page of the web portal lists links to both common, general news and current events web sites. This portal page is designed to keep you in the know by providing fast access to all of the web's most popular, free news services. We have been expanding this web portal listing of news and current events web sites, but like all pages, the listing is never complete. Look for more great news and current events web sites in the coming months!

Web Portal Categories - Search Web Sites and Find Web Sites

The search page of the web portal lists links to both common, general search and people finder web sites on the internet. For many Google is their search engine, but the search page is about finding more results when you need more results. You can find old favorites and new search engines for your searching pleasure in the search page of our web portal.

Web Portal Categories - Shopping Web Sites and Consumer Web Sites

The shop page of the web portal lists links to both common, general shopping and consumer websites. These are the web sites where most users of the internet buy online. From Amazon to eBay and economy to luxury, our web portal lists the shopping web sites that you shop at online.

Web Portal Categories - Sports Web Sites and Sporting Web Sites

The sports page of the web portal lists links to both common, general sports and sporting web sites. Whether college or pro, find great links to the top sporting events on the sporting page of our web portal. From the NFL to the UFC, and touchdowns to takedowns, the ifoyer sports page gets you to your results and teams with just a couple clicks to the best sports web sites!

Mostly Ad Free Start Page!! :) is a mostly ad free web site. This home page is mostly ad free. Aside from a banner at the top, you will not see any advertisements or advertising clutter. No pop-ups, pop-unders, or any other internet annoyances on our web portal. You deserve some sanity on the internet! Please note that we have no control over the sites we link to, so advertising on those web sites is subject to their decisions.

My Homepage

To set your homepage to ifoyer, in your browser's option menu, in the homepage or start page box, enter (to set your homepage to an ifoyer page other than the main page, refer to the address bar of your browser for the address of other ifoyer pages [e.g.]).

Suggest a Site

Do you think that ifoyer should include a certain web site? If it is a great web site that is very popular and currently not listed, please let us know. For web sites that are in a different category than those provided, it will be considered for start page inclusion or alphabetical listing. To suggest a web site, or make any kind of suggestion, please email ifoyer at

Link to and We Might Link to You!

Whenever you link your web site visitors to, please let us know so that we can consider linking to you website. We just need to determine if your web site is popular enough to be included in the general sites sections of If it is, we will add your website to our web portal.

Thank You for Using!

ifoyer has been at your service for the last 5 years. Thank you for using ifoyer to make your internet surfing experience better and more enjoyable. We are always trying to make ifoyer better for you, so please let us know if you have an idea that you think all users would benefit from. If you haven't noticed, common email services are now accessible from all web pages. The big hits of today, like MySpace are also there as well. Again, thank you for using ifoyer every day.

Terms of Service/Use Agreement

By using ifoyer, you agree to use it in the manner described herein. ifoyer is a service. You agree to use the web pages that comprise ifoyer in that capacity. You agree not to duplicate any ifoyer content, in whole or in part. Website, product, and promotional trademarks that appear on ifoyer are property of the respective trademark holders. does not have any direct relationships with the web sites that appear on it except for websites that are part of the network (e.g. RF Plumbing and Heating).


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